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I am a specialist in multi-channel knowledge management, instructional design and deployment, with more than 30 years experience, within the field of digital and traditional resource development and delivery,


My practice has delivered to people ranging from those with learning difficulties to senior managers and advanced practitioners, operating in fields as diverse as clinical (medical, veterinarian, dental), compliance, finance, military aviation (fixed and rotary wing), and scientific research.


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My practice is further complimented by senior management, teaching, and vocational training experience, together with a background in engineering and computing.


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The United Kingdom Military Flying Training System (UK MFTS) is a £6 billion programme developed for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Tri-Services:
  • Royal Navy
  • Army
  • Royal Air Force


The programme is being delivered through a joint venture between:


In addition to Instructional Design, the role involved lesson development, content research and technical authoring, in collaboration with Air Training Specialists and Media Design in the creation of Computer Aided Instruction (presented by Qualified Flying Instructors (QFI)), Computer Based Training, and Instructor and Student Guides, providing for MoD Flight Ground School Training, together with Basic Flight, Multi-Engine Pilot, Rear Crew, and QFI Training.


Training materials were also developed to enable learners to progress seamlessly to synthetic training devices such as the Fuselage Trainer (FuT), based on the Airbus Atlas A400M aircraft.

UK MFTS Aircraft Types Covered

Image of UKMFTS aircraft.
Grob Prefect; Embraer Phenom 100; Beechcraft Texan TMk1; Lockheed Martin Hercules C130J Mk 3/4; Boeing Globemaster C-17A; Airbus Atlas A400M.

UK MFTS Topics Covered

Topic Topic
Airways Flying and Administration. Multi-Function and Primary Flight Displays (MFD, PFD).
Communications Control Systems. Navigation.
Defensive Aids Suite. Night Flying.
Flight Planning. Non-verbal Communications: ATC, Marshalling, Electrical/Radio Failure Procedures, Shepherding.
Fuel Systems. Pressurisation and Environmental Control Systems.
Loading/Unloading, Load Positioning, Dangerous Goods. Safety - Walk-around, Pre Taxi/Take-Off, Ascent, ToC/Leg/ToD, Circuits.
Mission Planning System. Stalling, Spinning and Aerobatics.
  Undercarriage System.



It was my privilege to work with Elekta, on their Unity project, while conducting a Knowledge Structure and Data Integrity Analysis, for Research and Development personnel and Field Service Engineers, and a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Field Service Engineers.


My work involved collaboration with local and international representatives from areas of senior management, IT, research physicists, clinicians, software and GUI developers, and electro-mechanical engineers.


Elekta Unity, MRI guided radiotherapy.
Elekta's Unity: Radiotherapy (RT) guided by real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).


I am delighted to learn Access Elekta's website Unity MRI/RT page
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Elekta's Unity
'went live' at the Access the Royal Marsden Hospital's website MR Linac - first ever treatment page
(External link, opens in a new tab/window)
Royal Marsden Hospital
in London.


My sincere congratulations to all at Elekta for their ground-breaking and revolutionary achievement.


Up-date 2019-05-22: Access the Institute of Physics Publishing article.
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The MR-Linac (Elekta's Unity) - Initial Clinical Experience
from The Royal Marsden Hospital (London) and the Institute of Cancer Research.




  1. Contributed to eLA, winner of Gold at the e.learning age awards (see 'Work > Projects > eLA e-Learning Anaesthesia' for details);
  2. Design and development of e-learning element for the award winning FSC HMEP Officer course (see 'Work > Projects > Fire Service College HMEP' for details).


Deputy Medical Director/Senior Consultant
"I've been involved in organising / writing / editing for a number of medical e-learning projects over the last 10 years, and I think you've provided a very good design service."


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