Tim Cliffe

Gallery, and Flash Accessibility


JavaScript enabled

This is the standard appearance of the slide-show after a thumbnail image has been selected on a gallery page.
Image of the functioning slide show.

JavaScript disabled

This is a normal 'fall back' display. Select 'Back' in your browser to return to the gallery page.
Image of the non-functioning slide show.

Enable JavaScript:

  • Select 'Help' on the Tool Bar of your browser;
  • Select, for example, 'Firefox Help', or 'Internet Explorer Help' from the drop-down menu;
  • Enter the search term 'Enable JavaScript' into the Search box.


Flash Supported

The appearance of a 'Flash' animation, as displayed in a web browser that supports 'Flash'.
Image of a Flash animation.

Flash not Supported

When 'Flash' is not supported, a blank area is displayed on-screen. Select 'No 'Flash' - Alternative content' to display an explanatory image.
Image of a page without an animation.